Meet The Red House Band

Recognized  as one  of  the premier  blues  bands  in  this  area ,  Red House  will definitely satisfy your musical  taste buds.   The  players have studied at  some  of  the finest  music  schools  in  the  country, and  each  brings  their  own level  of  style  and  talent  to the  table.   Those  skills  will  be  carefully  blended  to  create  a  truly  remarkable  dish that  you  will  not  soon  forget.   If  you  are  hungry  for  St. Louis  and  Chicago  style  blues  seasoning  mixed  with mouth  watering southern rock  jams  then  pull  yourself   up to  the  stage and  taste  the  new  flavor of  Red  House.   Your  senses  will  be  fed  a buffet  of  original  songs  and  classic  covers  from  the   70s  and  80s , creating  a  unique  entertainment feast that has  pleased crowds and  kept  them  hungry  for  more.    Red  House can  certainly handle  any venue but is available for clubs and private parties as well.